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Re: hurd-init

On Wed, Aug 09, 2000 at 03:05:11PM +0100, Mo McKinlay wrote:
> Nice, but unportable. One of my long-term goals is that this will
> eventually become a candidate to be GNU init; which won't happen without
> lots of conditionals if I opt to use RPC calls on HURD. Plus, I'm a lot
> more au fais with FIFOs that I am with RPC ports. :)

Here is the challenge : imho service manager (a.k.a. maybe-GNU init)
should be used to start / stop ppp links, mount devices, and
provide some basic autoconfiguration, like adress of xfs for X,
in case you have two runlevels, one with xfs localy and second
on diferent node of the LAN. etc. etc.

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