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RE: include files

> i tried to compile something today on my Debian GNU/Hurd box 
> and found that
> i had all of about 3 files in my /usr/include.  not good :)
> i've installed the libc 2.1.3 .deb, which i thought would 
> have the include files with it, but i guess not.  so is 
> there a .deb with the standard includes in it?  or are all
> glibc include packages created equal, and i can just copy
> over /usr/include from my Linux box?
Better not -- there may be some differences.

You want the "libc-2.1.3-devel" .deb -- it contains any
static libraries, header files, and other developer-related

In Debian, things needed to __use__ programs are called
"blah-(rev)", while things needed by developers are
called "blah-dev-(rev)".



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