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Re: Makefile-ish init and ideas

>>>>> "Igor" == Igor Khavkine <i_khavki@alcor.concordia.ca> writes:

    Igor> make has been around for a while and has grown into quite a
    Igor> beast in that time. Certain inherent complexities in make
    Igor> have spawned numerous efforts like automake/autoconf, imake,
    Igor> share Makeconf files, etc. in order to cope with large and
    Igor> complex projects. The Makefiles generated by these tools are
    Igor> often quite obscure and even unreadable, which adds much to
    Igor> the confusion of user and developers.

FYI: There have been a number of alternatives to Makefiles, for
instance, have a look at ant: http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/index.html

Sorry, I am not sure if this is relevant to the subject or not.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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