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Re: Docs format

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 07:13:31PM -0500, Christopher Browne wrote:
> DocBook... 
>    ... is usable on multiple platforms.
>    ... is usable at web sites about Hurd.
>    ... is modifiable.
>    ... permits far more sophisticated use of linking than HTML does.

Aside from the traditionality argument (GNU info is what people around here
are used to and expect):

DocBook is also more difficult to use correctly, which is absolutely necessary to
get decent results. The SGML standard is nothing for those faint of heart.
In the areas DocBook shows it skills it is completely overkill for us.

And, there is no decent free DSSSL engine :-/

(I am very impressed by the SGML and DSSSL standards and all the work they
inspired, and I am eagerly waiting for mozilla to spread around, and all the
fine stuff that will come out of it. But for this particular project, it is
not the best fit.)


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