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Re: Filesystem ideas

Tomasz Wegrzanowski <maniek@beer.com> writes:

> With 'ls -f', things are unsorted in every dir, no matter
> if they should be or not.
> It would be great help in mc/GUIs if they were sorted by default, only
> unsorted in dirs marked ``dont-sort''.

The traditional way to do things like that would be to create files
.no-sort in the relevant directories, and have programs like mc look
at that before sorting it. Similar examples I can think of include
.no-dir-access files used by some web servers, .cvsignore (which tells
cvs to ignore some files) and .nsr (which tells a certain backup
system to ignore some files and subdirectories).

I don't think special filesystem support for attributes on directories
would be terribly useful (earlier I have argued for attaching property
lists in inodes; if anything like that is ever implemented it could be
used for directories as well, but I expect it to be more useful for
regular files than for directories).


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