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Re: Docs format

   From: "Franz Fritsche " <Franz.Fritsche@simple-line.de>
   Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 18:48:13 +0200

   > I want to write some more documentation about the hurd (this time in
   > english). But which is the proper way to do it ?
   > I mean if I should use SGML, LinuxDoc, DocBook, Latex or just plain
   > HTML... 
   I think HTML is a good choice: 1. because of the cross platform 
   possibility... 2. It also can immediately be used at web sites about 
   the hurd. 3. It allows easy modification and improvements by others.
   (4. Not to forget the possibilities of links!)

Just to put some oil on the flames :-):

The preferred documentation format for the GNU project is texinfo.  It
produces excellent printed output and pretty good hypertext.  Nowadays
you can even convert it to HTML.  The necessary tools (TeX, makeinfo)
are widely available.

SGML is pretty much OK, but I've the impression that the necessary
tools aren't very well maintained.  The DocBook DTD is supposed to be
the industry standard for technical documentation.

HTML would be a really bad choice for structured documentation.
Almost every sensible markup language can be converted into it.


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