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PPP for Hurd requirements

Hello All,

	I've been trying to keep up to date with the development of
Hurd. It's very interesting to me. I read the task lists and
assembled a list in my head of things I know I want, and things that
keep getting asked for. Most pressing to me was PPP. I started
reading the list to see where I could get involved, and could find
no point of entry. I thought the best way to go about would be to
generate some high level requirements, get some feedback and then
enter with a clear vision of how I could help get this implemented.

Here are the results of that task:


I'm looking at this from a pragmatic point of view, to get something
that can be used while a true hurdian implementation can be erected.
I'm very interested in getting feedback from people who may be
working on this and documenting what's been done in the form of
Requirements and Implementation notes to get this rolling. That way
if someone else comes along and wants "to help" they can jump right
in with what's been required/noted. I say "required" in a loose a
term as possible 8-) 

I've also got a framework in my head for requirements for things
like an installation procedure, etc. I don't know how others feel
about this, but if thier are good requirements usually the code
flies along and the documentation creates itself. Are you peeps
interested in this?



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