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Re: Manual Pages for GNUmach

Wed, 2 Aug 2000 20:41:21 -0500 (EST) <curt@gwis.com> (Cowboy) wrote:
> Can we agree to post 100K attachments to ONE list ?
> ( or preferably, an FTP site. Perhaps an open site, like mine )
> Those of us subscribed to more than one, and some paying by
> the minute, would appreciate it.
Ouch, that hurt! Since I'm also subscribed to both lists and since
I'm also paying by the minute (and here in EU, telcos are much
more expensive than in the US), I was also triply penalized while
uploading and downloading, and all this only for trying to help. So
Cowboy, please accept my public apologies in response to your public
reprimand :-).

But seriously, I exceptionally posted this big attachment to help-hurd
_and_ debian-hurd, because the topic _is_ relevant to both groups. From
Debian, I'd expected Marcus or someone else to turn those man pages into
yet another Debian package and help-hurd may be more interested in
gnumach/hurd hacking anyway. Sure, a publicly available FTP upload area
somewhere at *.gnu.org would have been preferable (if it only were
available and publicly announced... sigh!).

BTW, wouldn't it be reasonable to reunify most/all Hurd mailing lists
somewhere at gnu.org where they truly belong? The traffic volume on
those lists is currently not that high and would probably justify
this approach (?).


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