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Re: Docs format

Hi all!

> And if we are limited to tex and html, we can get nice print outs, and poor
> web sites, but no form in which we can read it on a simple text terminal
> without a browser.
Hmmm... I just try to figure out when I was forced to work solely on 
a simple text terminal (without browser - lynx or so...!!!)... ;-)))

But I understand the point.

> texinfo is not only the GNU format, it also has a decent viewer, and
> converts nicely to all sort of formats.
I think these are important points... I -as a web designer an 
promoter of the "internet idea" (information distribution)- of course 
prefer HTML as a distribution media... ;-)))

But distribution is not the same thing as usage for technical 
(documentation) purposes... [I think]


Are there texinfo tool for Windows? [Never forget that ther ARE 
people out there who actually work with this devil thing...]

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