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Re: Unexpected filesystem inconsistency

Am Son, 27 Aug 2000 01:23:55 schrieb Moritz Schulte:
> Hi,
> I'm unable to install Debian GNU/Hurd now. I did it some time ago,
> without these problems.

You upgraded e2fsprogs to 1.19 in the meantime.
> Ok, I have a free partition (/dev/hda7 in Linux), which size is
> reported by 'df' as 957MB. I formated it with 'mke2fs -o hurd
> /dev/hda7'

Please use "-O none" or "-O sparse_super", nd your problems will
disappear. The filetype feature is not really supported on the Hurd
(although we can ignore it quite well :), and newer e2fsck get really
annoyed by it.

You can also run "e2fsck -y /dev/hda7" and get the filetype
removed afterwards.

BTW, this time I was able to guess your problem. Next time please
provide all the necessary information, for example the exact
error message of e2fsck (it actually tells you about the filetype).


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