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Unexpected filesystem inconsistency

I'm unable to install Debian GNU/Hurd now. I did it some time ago,
without these problems.

Ok, I have a free partition (/dev/hda7 in Linux), which size is
reported by 'df' as 957MB. I formated it with 'mke2fs -o hurd
/dev/hda7' -- the partition can be used in linux without
problems. cross-install runs fine, after booting the GNU/Hurd system,
i run native-install, then i reboot. then, if i try to boot GNU/Hurd
in multiuser the boot process fails, because fsck reports a
'Unexpected inconsistency' and wants me to repair manually.

if i do fsck on this partition, it reports every (?) file and dir as

where could the problem be?
how can i help fixing it?

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