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Am Mon, 07 Aug 2000 13:43:30 Juli-Manel Merino Vidal Sie:
> Hi all,
> I've been trying to add a script (to load a keymap) in the boot
> sequence, and at last, I found where I should put this stuff. 
> Why the rc script is in /libexec/rc ? And why is not the boot method a
> System V one, as Debian GNU/Linux is ?

System V init has some deliberate limits (for example a fixed number of
run-levels). For the hurd we want something better.

However, I ported sysvinit from Linux to the Hurd. An experimental, old
and probably broken package is on alpha. A recompilation will follow in 
a few
days (I have other reasons to work on that, too). So hold your breath.
The maintainer of sysvinit rejected my patch a year ago, and I had no 
to do it as he wanted.


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