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Re: gnu mach/hurd on Alpha, update!

On Sun, 6 Aug 2000, Ron Farrer wrote:

> Some of you may remember me inquiring about gnu hurd/mach on the Alpha. I
> have recently started working on it (after finding the original CMU
> sources) and am now working with Christopher C. Chimelis
> <chris@debian.org> on it. Currently we are just working on gnumach
> (fiddle with the rest once this much is done). We are also looking to 
> probably setup CVS some place soon. 

Qualifying remark: we're only going to set up a different CVS until we're
ready to merge our changes with upstream :-)  It doesn't look like a long
uphill battle, but we've got enough stuff to do that shouldn't pollute the
upstream CVS at this point.

Wish us luck :-P

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