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Re: Documents translation

I think it would be great if the hurddocs project
(hurddocs.sourceforge.net) could do a thorough overall infrastructure plan
to have translations of all the hurd docs and web pages, i.e. start with
the structure to have the whole web tree in parallel in several languages
and wait for the individual translation to be filled in.  Many of our
active contributors (I think the majority, in fact) are native speakers of
languages other than English, so it would be a fine and appropriate thing
to start seeing Hurd-related content put up first in another language and
later translated to English!  Though the Hurd's original designers and
authors are all Americans, we would be more than happy to see the system
acquire a true international flavor as a testament to the universality and
democracy of the goals and concepts that inspired the design.  Translate away!


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