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Re: $HOME/.dotfiles and FHS 2.3 $HOME/.dotfiles and FHS 2.3 (was: Comparing FHS 2.3 and 2.1) Re: (Case 62217) Error (no subject) Re: ..d-u support sponsorships, was: Problem with ppp keeping link up Re: Jörg Schilling is damage; the community should route around him Jörg Schilling is damage; the community should route around him Vírus Detectado!!!! Thank you for contacting Technical support/Customer service Re: [Debtags-devel] Looking for ontologies useful for debtags [dfsbuild] suggestions and enhancements Fwd: [Freeguide-tv-users] Download for debian? [lirc] FTP Masters MIA? [OT:HUMOR] Re: software [solved] debconf and backing up ... a bug? about volatile.d.o/n Re: Accepted osh 1.7-11woody1 (i386 source) Acknowledgement of your email RE: agradou aide 0.8-2 moved /etc/aide/aide.conf to /usr/local/etc/aide.conf Re: Alioth and broken subversion hosting AMD64 Archive Key compromised! another update on common database app infrastructure apt-proxy v2 and rsync Apt-Torrent project Re: ARM development machine debussy back online Automake & dependency tracking (was: Updating scanners and filters in Debian stable (3.1)) Brazil Summer Time bug #275527 (was: proposal: 'xterm' alternatives entry) Bug#221988 (makeinfo --xml outputs non-well-formed XML) and my patch Bug#252450: ITP qucs: an integrated circuit simulator with a graphical user interface According with the upstream developpers I am preparing a debian package for qucs Bug#252450: retitle 252450 ITP: qucs -- an integrated circuit simulator with a graphical user interface Re: Bug#259400: How to a user can add menu entry for GNOME ? Re: Bug#262507: ITP: resmgr -- resource manager library Re: Bug#273734: education-common: con't fulfill the Recommends on !i386 Bug#274003: ITP: kmenc15 - An advanced Qt/KDE MEncoder frontend. Bug#274391: ITP: python-tcpwrap -- A Python wrapper for libwrap (TCP wrappers) Bug#274416: ITP: cpphs -- Simplified cpp-a-like preprocessor for Haskell Bug#274512: ITP: leafpad -- leafpad -- GTK+ based simple text editor Bug#274544: ITP: vips7.10 -- Image processing system good for very large images Bug#274545: ITP: nip2 -- Spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool Bug#274550: ITP: xerces26 -- Validating XML parser library for C++ Bug#274605: ITP: memaid-pyqt -- memorisation tool with optimal question scheduling Bug#274721: ITP: openipmi -- Intelligent Platform Management Interface Re: Bug#274923: ITP: wnpp -- C++ library for robust numerical and geometric computation Bug#274923: ITP: wnpp -- C++ library for robust numerical and geometric computation Bug#274956: ITP: susv2 -- Fetch and install SUSv2 documentation Bug#274957: ITP: susv3 -- Fetch and install SUSv3 documentation Bug#274986: RFP: lives -- Video editing system Bug#275069: ITP: haskell-cabal -- Haskell Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries Bug#275070: ITP: missingh -- Library of utility functions for Haskell Bug#275071: ITP: hunit -- Haskell Unit Testing Framework Bug#275073: ITP: hsql -- Multi-Database Interface System for Haskell Bug#275093: ITP: gaim-encryption -- encryption plugin for gaim Bug#275103: ITP: 6wall -- IPv6 Firewall, based on Shorewall Bug#275133: ITP: libimage-base-bundle-perl Re: Bug#275140: Redirections and noclobber Bug#275149: ITP: dictem -- Dict client for emacs Bug#275218: ITP: haskell-devscripts -- Tools to help Debian developers build Haskell packages Bug#275230: ITP: php4-pear-html -- Simple template API. Template system made for works with pear to support IT HTML Bug#275306: ITP: gnome-u2ps -- Tool to convert UTF-8 text to PostScript Bug#275371: ITP: bandersnatch -- Bandersnatch is a complete logging system for jabber conversations with database backend Bug#275388: mounting at boot time under grub Bug#275404: ITP: vdr-plugin-osdteletext -- Teletext plugin for vdr Bug#275494: ITP: backup-manager -- A really simple to use backup manager. Bug#275515: ITP: matanza -- Multiplayer space ascii game Bug#275596: nagios-text removes /etc/nagios on purge Re: Bug#275685: ITP: msmtp -- smtp client which can be used as a smtp plugin with mutt Bug#275685: ITP: msmtp -- smtp client which can be used as a smtp plugin with mutt Bug#275725: ITP: knetworkled -- Network activity monitor for KDE systray Bug#275775: RFA: bplay -- Buffered audio file player/recorder Bug#275779: RFA: fpc -- Free Pascal -- Compiler Bug#275806: ITP: acx100-kernel-src -- kernel module for TI acx100 based wireless lan cards Bug#275807: ITP: libperlio-eol-perl -- PerlIO layer for normalizing line endings Bug#275812: ITP: libio-digest-perl -- Calculate digests while reading or writing Bug#275816: ITP: libfile-type-perl -- determine file type using magic Bug#275897: ITP: tiff2png -- TIFF to PNG converter with alpha channel (transparency) support Bug#276057: ITP: mediawiki -- Wikipedia wiki engine Bug#276068: ITP: kftpgrabber -- A KDE FTP client Bug#276085: ITP: mpfr -- C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with exact rounding Bug#276116: ITP: gmailfs -- Use your GMail account as a filesystem Bug#276146: ITP: ttf-essays -- TrueType font based on the typeface used in a 1743 English translation of Montaigne's Essays Bug#276228: RFH: pcmcia-cs -- PCMCIA Card Services for Linux Bug#276229: RFH: ion2, ion3 -- Keyboard-friendly window manager with tiled windows Bug#276253: ITP: pmount -- mount removable devices as normal user Bug#276255: ITP: python-libfuse -- Python bindings for FUSE (Filesystems in USErland) Re: Bug#276306: dpkg -P backuppc fails (debconf problem ?) Bug#276376: ITP: gpsd -- a GPS service daemon Bug#276391: O: vgabios -- VGA BIOS software for the Bochs and Qemu emulated VGA card Bug#276392: O: bochs -- IA-32 PC emulator Bug#276410: ITP: png2ico -- converts .PNG files to Windows .ICO icon resources Bug#276440: ITP: mozilla-locale-ko -- Mozilla Korean Language/Region Package Bug#276442: ITP: mozilla-firefox-locale-ko -- Mozilla FireFox Korean Language/Region Package Bug#276445: ITP: mozilla-thunderbird-locale-ko -- Mozilla Thunderbird Korean Language/Region Package Bug#276456: ITP: nvu -- the complete web authoring system Bug#276472: ITP: vco-plugins -- Anti-aliased oscillators Bug#276495: ITP: fil-plugins -- A parametric equalizer LADSPA plugin Bug#276574: ITP: gnome-schedule -- GNOME scheduler for automatic tasks Bug#276606: ITP: libsub-override-perl -- Perl module used to temporarily override subroutines Bug#276612: ITP: pstreams -- A C++ IOStream interface to POSIX Process I/O Bug#276614: ITP: libimage-rsvg-perl -- Perl binding for librsvg Bug#276627: Info received (was Bug#276627: ITP: systraq -- monitor your system and warn when system files change) Bug#276627: ITP: systraq -- monitor your system and warn when system files change Bug#276680: ITP: geresh -- A simple multilingual text editor with utf8 & bidi support Bug#276687: ITP: mimetex -- LaTeX math expressions to anti-aliased GIF images converter Bug#276716: ITP: hsshellscript -- Utilities for shell-like scripting in Haskell Bug#276995: ITP: m17n-env -- Set up multilingual X environment Bug#276997: ITP: scim-imengine-uim -- UIM IM engine module for SCIM Bug#277085: ITP: gnochm -- CHM file viewer for GNOME Bug#277087: ITP: python-pychm -- Python bindings for CHMLIB Bug#277193: ITP: tagtool -- tool to tag and rename MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files Bug#277426: ITP: flumotion -- Fluendo Streaming Server for audio and video Bug#277498: ITP: libdate-simple-perl -- a simple date object Bug#277511: ITP: fet -- Timetable generator Bug#277514: ITP: geos -- geometry engine for geographic information systems Bug#277525: ITP: torrentocracy -- RSS (real simple syndication) plugin for MythTV Bug#277538: ITP: ac++ -- An Aspect Weaver for C/C++ Re: Bug#277550: ITP: patcher -- perl script useful for managing patches Bug#277550: ITP: patcher -- perl script useful for managing patches Bug#277567: ITP: python-pyggy -- Lexer and GLR parser generator for Python Bug#277582: ITP: kwin-baghira -- A MacOSX-like theme for Apple junkies ;) Bug#277658: ITP: smarty -- Template Engine for PHP Bug#277706: ITP: libcompress-lzo-perl -- Perl bindings for LZO realtime compression library Bug#277721: ITP: libnet-smpp-perl -- Net::SMPP is an implementation of Short Message Peer to Peer protocol over TCP Bug#277746: ITP: mesord -- A stochastic simulator of coupled chemical reactions and diffusions in space Bug#277748: ITP: libsbml -- Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) Bug#277766: ITP: moniwiki -- MoniWiki is yet another WikiEngine written in PHP. It is fast, light and easy to install. Also it has many enhanced and new features. Moni is slightly modified sound which means What? or What is it? in Korean. The name also indicates that MoniWiki is nearly compatible with the MoinMoin. MoniWiki WikiFormattingRules were inspired and adopted from MoinMoin. Check MoniWikiFeatures to see what MoniWiki has to offer. Bug#277898: ITP: multipath-tools -- Command-line utilities for administering multipath disk access Bug#277907: ITP: atlantis -- Lightweight web browser based on GTK-WebCore Bug#277966: ITP: nokryptia -- Make MP3 files accessible to Nokia 5510 Bug#278006: ITP: mod-proxy-html -- Apache2 filter module for HTML links rewriting Re: Bug#278027: RFP: ibm-acpi -- Driver for IBM laptops to extend ACPI support Bug#278027: RFP: ibm-acpi -- Driver for IBM laptops to extend ACPI support Bug#278035: ITP: vdr-plugin-remote -- Plugin for vdr to support the built-in remote control port of DVB-Cards Bug#278045: ITP: vdr-plugin-console -- Plugin for vdr that implements a virtual terminal Re: Bug#278075: ITP: libical0 -- An implementation of basic iCal Bug#278075: ITP: libical0 -- An implementation of basic iCal protocols Bug#278084: ITP: scim-hangul -- Hangul Input Method Engine for SCIM Bug#278086: ITP: scim-m17n -- M17N Input Method Engine for SCIM Bug#278128: ITP: tomboy -- Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix. Bug#278243: ITP: libhttp-cache-transparent-perl -- cache http requests transparently Bug#278246: 278246 -- does not reproduce for me. Re: Bug#278255: ITP: rdflib -- A python library for working with RDF Re: Bug#278255: ITP: rdflib -- A python library for working with RDF Bug#278255: ITP: rdflib -- A python library for working with RDF Bug#278288: ITP: python-gtkmvc -- Model-View-Controller (MVC) implementation for pygtk Bug#278289: ITP: apt-dupdate -- diff-based update of APT's index files Bug#278360: ITP: Package: libvcp-perl -- Architecture: all Bug#278371: ITP: libxml-autowriter-perl -- perl XML::AutoWriter - DOCTYPE based XML output Bug#278380: ITP: libipc-run3-perl -- perl IPC::Run3 - Run a subprocess in batch mode Bug#278442: RFH: athcool -- Enable powersaving mode for Athlon/Duron processors Bug#278620: ITP: tecnoballz -- A breaking blocks game ported from Amiga Bug#278627: ITP: childsplay-base -- base package for childsplay, a suite of educational games for children. Bug#278630: ITP: childsplay-games -- collection of games for childsplay-base. Bug#278631: ITP: childsplay-base -- base package for childsplay, a collection of educational games for children. Bug#278633: ITP: childsplay-games -- games for childsplay, a collection of games for young children. Bug#278634: ITP: libdigest-crc-perl -- Generic CRC functions for Perl Bug#278648: ITP: kkbswitch -- keyboard layout indicator for KDE3 Bug#278741: ITP: unalz -- The unalz tool is the utility used for decompressing alzip format file. Bug#278767: ITP: cpufrequtils -- Shared library and utilities to deal with the CPUFreq Linux kernel feature Bug#278868: ITP: aips -- Astronomical Image Processing System Bug#278914: ITP: dcmtk -- OFFIS DICOM ToolKit Bug#278940: ITP: socket++ -- lightweight convenience library to handle low level BSD sockets in C++ Bug#279062: ITP: kboincspy -- A BOINC monitoring tool for KDE Bug#279128: ITP: libcarp-assert-more-perl -- Convenience wrappers for libcarp-assert-perl Bug#53121: Bugzilla package in need of help Cart32 Support Request Re: Common set of debconf templates Common set of debconf templates (was: Re: RFC: best practice creating database) Re: Company launch with Linux system Comparing FHS 2.3 and 2.1 The last update was on 06:24 GMT Sun Apr 21. There are 1750 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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