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Re: about volatile.d.o/n

Sven Mueller <sm@leogic.com> writes:

> Any pre-existing piece of software (let's call it X) which interfaces
> with A must stay fully functional. New features may be added to A and
> might not be available via the original interface, but any feature
> previously available must still work in the same way (less bugs being
> fixed). This also means that spelling mistakes in the C locale must be
> preserved (they may get fixed in other locales though, including
> en_US) as well as any (possibly even weird) output formatting.
> That last sentence also implies that any script using the commandline
> interface of A must reset LC_ALL and LANG to "C" or unset
> it. Otherwise the output format and wording might change from one
> revision to the other. This is good practise anyway, since you
> couldn't rely on a specific output formatting or wording without
> specifically setting a well-known locale.

No.  It must behave identically, regardless of locale.  Spelling fixes
in the interface *cannot* be part of what the new version needs in
order to remain useful.  This is just the kind of dogde that has been
worrying me about these proposals.


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