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Re: ..d-u support sponsorships, was: Problem with ppp keeping link up

Mike Mestnik wrote:

 --- Arnt Karlsen <arnt@c2i.net> wrote:

 How about breaking up the list in to several smaller lists, like

Already exists, but is under used.
I think that many post 'wall questions to d-u because of the higher population, and therefore the greater potential for an applicable answer. I think that if all firewall questions were to be transferred to debian-firewall that would not remain the case though, and the potential for this specialised list would grow to potential.

 For today the names like debian-user1 and debian-user2 could be used
 to provide at least some level of maintanable/readable material. I
 don't know how many mails a day the d-u lists gets, but I'm guessing
 more then 16 a day is too many.

I would suggest the creation of only one other list, and this would be for system/network admin. This would create a list to cater for the more professional end of the market, while still maintaining d-u as an end user list, that a lot of admins would still employ. With these two lists realised I think that the high volume of d-u would be brought back to manageable levels, increasing list user satisfaction as they would cater more efficiently to requirement. I don't belive that any more disc space would be taken up, as the admin crowd are already active on d-u.
it would simply make d-u more manageable and specific itself.


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