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Re: Common set of debconf templates (was: Re: RFC: best practice creating database)

hi christian,

On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 06:59:50AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> All such templates should probably go into a common set of debconf
> templates, provided by a very small package, which all these packages
> should depend upon, instead of constantly reinvent the wheel....and
> make up, translators, do damn boring work.

something i've been messing around with a bit in my free time is
a dh_installdb add-on to debhelper.  it's not in a presentable state
yet, but could be made so with sufficient prodding.

basically, debian/$package.databases contains a list of database servers
that the package supports, and all the package maintainer has to
do is put a dh_installdb in his/her debian/rules.  one of the things
i haven't been able to completely address yet is this debconf templating
issue.  to this point my tool has required the questions to already
exist in the templates file, but in an ideal world this would not
be a requisite.

i like the idea of having the templates provided by a third-party
package, though gracefully handling different
usernames/passwords/hosts/etc on a per package basis would be a little

the idea i had been running with up to this point was to have these
templates pre-defined and pre-translated as part of debhelper, and patch
debhelper to do $package.templates the same way it does $package.*inst
(wrt #DEBHELPER#), though i'm not convinced that this is the right way.



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