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Re: Bug#259400: How to a user can add menu entry for GNOME ?

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Miles Bader wrote:

Marc Dequ?«²nes (Duck) <Duck@DuckCorp.org> writes:
BTW, if i'm not dead for GNOME 2.10, custom Debian menu is gonna die, as
it is a bunch of unbrowseable nightmare stuff.
IMHO this would be a very bad move to remove the menu which looks the same
on all user interfaces in Debian and allows users easily to switch from one
UI to another.  Moreover users will be lost for all these packages who do
not provide a Gnome menu entry and maintainers do not have to provide such an
entry but they provide a Debian menu entry.

That seems a tad overwrought.

I usually prefer the debian menu because it's much more complete than
the gnome menu, and often better categorized (the gnome menu sometimes
has this bizarre "microsoft-view" feel to it -- e.g., it sticks Emacs
under "Accessories"?!?).
Definitely and is consistent and - this is what the bug report is about -
has the chance of user defined menus which allows user roles instead of
having the same menu for all users.  I do not care about the "microsoft-view"
(I have to admit that I can't compare this) but I care about the
Mixcrosoft philosophy of having single user machines and present all
users the same menu.

AFAICS, the main advantage to the gnome menu is the pretty icons.
Providing icons in Debian menu is pretty easy.  Just file wishlist bug
reports to the packages that are missing icons in the menu and help
out the maintainer with a patch.

Kind regards


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