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Re: Bug#274003: ITP: kmenc15 - An advanced Qt/KDE MEncoder frontend.

On Wednesday 06 October 2004 23:12, Sven Mueller wrote:
> Oded Shimon [u] wrote on 06/10/2004 20:33:
> > I have already completed a package myself for kmenc15.
> > I am now looking for a Debian sponsor for my program.
> > The package can be found at
> > http://ares.penguinhosting.net/~ods15/kmenc15/kmenc15-0.01e.tar.gz
> > http://ares.penguinhosting.net/~ods15/kmenc15/kmenc15_0.01e-1.diff.gz
> > http://ares.penguinhosting.net/~ods15/kmenc15/kmenc15_0.01e-1.dsc
> > http://ares.penguinhosting.net/~ods15/kmenc15/kmenc15_0.01e-1_i386.build
> > http://ares.penguinhosting.net/~ods15/kmenc15/kmenc15_0.01e-1_i386.change
> >s http://ares.penguinhosting.net/~ods15/kmenc15/kmenc15_0.01e-1_i386.deb
> If you really want a sponsor for your package, try to get it lintian
> clean first:
> apt-get install lintian
> lintian -i kmenc15_0.01e-1_i386.changes
> And handle all infos/warnings/errors it gives you.
> More specifically: Current standards-version is, so your new
> package should adhere to that.
Yes, I saw that lintian warning, I didn't think it mattered so much, since I 
couldn't even find what the current version is...

> Also, your package description should be a bit more specific as to what
> it needs to run and what it would like to see. If it absolutely needs
> netpbm to provide previews (and a VirtualDub replacement without preview
> is certainly not very usefull), you should probably depend on it.
I thought I already put netpbm as a dependency... Oh I see I put it as a 
recommendation... *changed*
I'm still keeping sox as a recommendation, its only needed for the actual 

> If your program can create shell scripts (or whatever) if it doesn't
> find MEncoder, your description should say so.
Yeah, I should tidy up that description a bit, will do.
It can make a shell scripts, I'll add that too...

> Also, as some people already pointed out, a program in Debian can still
> Suggest(s) a program which isn't available in Debian itself. So I would
> put a
> Suggests: mencoder (>= 1.0)
> line into the control file.
Good idea, MEncoder doesn't come in its own package, only with MPlayer.

> It is also common policy not to put lines like your last two into the
> description.
Right, my bad... now I know. *fixed*

> And finally, on a somewhat related note: Many people won't be able to
> reach your email-address, since quite a few mailservers are configured
> only to deliver to addressess for which an MX entry exists in DNS. ;-)
I have yet to have problem with it... So far I've used it only for very few 
things, mostly debian mailing lists.. So far so good. :)

> regards,
> sven
Thanks for your reply, I've gotten so far very few replies on my program. :(

> PS: The right thing to look for a sponsor is to post a RFS (request for
> sponsor) on debian-mentors in addition to the ITP bug.
Yes, I did that, I also put an RFS debian-kde and debian-qt-kde, but no luck 
yet. (1 week... probably no chance at this point.)
Gonna have to add here, are you a DD? And is there any chance you can sponsor 
my program?...

Made all the changes, new package at:


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