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Re: Common set of debconf templates

On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 03:16:27PM +0200, Agustin Martin wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 02:30:32AM -0400, sean finney wrote:
> I might be wrong, but I do not think so, if things were this way, debconf
> shared questions as described in the debconf manual would never work at the
> .config stage, but be repeated each time with another new possibility as new
> .config files registering new owners for that question are parsed. What I
> vaguely remember is that only templates for packages having a .config file
> (and might be that call debconf in it) are loaded, but that it is done before
> the .config files are actually run.
> Quoting from the debconf-devel man page (shared questions section)
>   A  bit of an explanation is called for. By the time your config script
>   runs, debconf has already read in all the templates for the packages that
>   are being installed.
> > > By the way, REGISTER looks a really nice approach for questions having
> > > an essentially similar debconf template (not to be messed with shared/*
> > > debconf templates). It might even be useful for shared/* questions instead
> > > of the above schema.
> > 
> > i really like the register idea as well.  
> > 
> I now see that REGISTER might not be good for shared/* questions since it
> would add another owner to the question, but it really deserves further
> testing for independent questions having (nearly) common templates.

Ah yes, thanks. A little bit of testing confirms for me that merely
having a depends on a package (ssl-cert) is enough to be able to 
register and ask questions from that package. Even on first install 
on a clean chroot.

So, it dosn't seem necessary to do any copying of templates at build
time (or any other time) if you merely want to have a common 
question/translation templates package (not shared/*, about which I
have no idea).

Am I missing something?

Brian Sutherland

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