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Re: Bug#275685: ITP: msmtp -- smtp client which can be used as a smtp plugin with mutt

Il sab, 2004-10-09 alle 17:48, martin f krafft ha scritto:
> > I think it's not a right comparison, nullmail is an MTA. and
> > AFAIK, msmtp is not an MTA:
> it transports mail to the next relay, right?
> nullmailer is a "simple relay-only mail transport agent."
> what's the difference?

Deep difference. Our mail-transport-agents are able to behave as daemon,
listening on 25 port. msmtp doesn't, and it's the same for nail. Do you
think that nail could be an MTA? Do you think that any evolution of
mail(1) could be seen as an MTA, only because is able to "speak" smtp?

> oh well, msmtp has TLS and SASL and IPv6, so I guess it is more
> featureful than nullmailer...

They are two different projects with different targets.

> > I think that msmtp simply will take the place of sendmail binary
> > called by mutt.
> oh, and calling it a plugin make is sounds so much better. are these
> guys marketing specialists or software hackers?
> did you know about lpr? it's the mutt print plugin which may also
> work with other programmes.

Do you know about a correct way to have a conversation with people? 
I don't like your attitude, I have simply exposed my idea about that
program, reading its features. That's all. 

And I don't think that the real point of discussion could be the use of
a single word. I thought we were trying to "understand" msmtp. I don't
see any problems to change one word in long description of a debian


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