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Re: [lirc] FTP Masters MIA?

Amaya wrote:
> We are close to the final freeze and I can't get lirc to get into
> testing. The reason is #260565 and #267323:
> 	These bugs are now merged and both relate to the need of getting
> 	rid of the non-i386 packages of the lirc-svga binary package
> 	from testing and unstable; that package is now Arch: i386 only
> 	(and was previously incorrectly Arch: all).
> I have a testing grave bug to fix, and improvements I want to release
> with, not to speak of being able to build lirc modules with 2.6.x
> kernels, or shipping with newest upstream versions.
> <rant>
> This has been open since 21 Jul 2004. Severity is serious. I thik it
> deserves to become a RC bug, as it's seriusly {obscenity} my Release of
> lirc, but I just want to know if there's any chance this will be dealt
> with soon.
> Where is the ftp-master team? Are you guys back from holidays yet?
> </rant>
> I expect this issue is taken care of promptly or I will revert to my
> previous policy of using tons of obscenity in my changelogs :)

Did you file a bug against ftp.debian.org?  If not, please do.

It may also be a good idea to contact debian-release@lists.d.o



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