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Re: Bug#276472: ITP: vco-plugins -- Anti-aliased oscillators

On Thu, Oct 14, 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> * Package name    : vco-plugins
>   Description     : Anti-aliased oscillators
>  This plugin contains three anti-aliased oscillators, all based on the concept
>  of using pre-computed band-limited Dirac pulses to construct the classical
>  waveforms. They are both memory and CPU efficient. The first one produces
>  a flat spectrum (impulses) and the second generates a sawtooth waveform. 
>  The third one (new in 0.3.0), provides a variable width rectangular
>  waveform.

   What are these plugins for? It looks like they are LADSPA plugins;
please briefly mention what LADSPA is in the descriptions, and what it's 
useful for (see tap-plugins and swh-plugins, though I don't believe they
give enough information either).

   Also, the package is called "vco-plugins" but the long description
says "This plugin".


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