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Re: Bug#275685: ITP: msmtp -- smtp client which can be used as a smtp plugin with mutt

also sprach Christian Surchi <csurchi@debian.org> [2004.10.10.1321 +0200]:
> Do you know about a correct way to have a conversation with
> people? I don't like your attitude, I have simply exposed my idea
> about that program, reading its features. That's all. 

I am sorry to have offended you, or anyone else. I should not have
written back that day because I was occupied with some personal
issues and let some steam off by being sarcastic. It was nothing
personal, and I wish I could undo it.

As I explained in my previous mail, I was first put off when I read
about msmtp. You all have convinced me that it is in fact not Just
Another, but rather a worthy addition to the Debian archive. I am
sorry it took me so long, I should have checked first before writing
back to the list. Thus I hope you accept my apologies.

I would suggest not naming it an "smtp plugin for mutt" though
because it works equally well with every other product that uses

If it is of any use, I would like to offer sponsorship for the
package, in the hope to make peace over the issue.

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