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Re: Bug#274923: ITP: wnpp -- C++ library for robust numerical and geometric computation


>>If the names above are still too generic, I think I will use libcore++ as
>>prefix. Or has anyone else another suggestion?
> Why not libexact?

Maybe, but I'd prefer if "core" is part of the package name, because is is known under this name in the scientific community.

>>I'm a bit uncertain about potential consequences if the Debian package name
>>differs too much from the upstream package name.
> Programs which would use the library will have to customize. That should
> be done anyway easy in any decent program.

Uups, I missed that I might have to change the name of the library itself. Or is it possible to have a package named "libcore++1" containing libraries "libcore.so.1"? (If yes, there is still the problem that a quite generic (file)name is used.)

I'd like to avoid changing the soname of the library, because that would be a large disadvantage for the users of this library. I guess most of them would prefer compiling the upstream sources themselves rather than handling the special case of a different library name for Debian installations.


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