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Re: Bug#262507: ITP: resmgr -- resource manager library


For those of you interested, I've uploaded resmgr 1.0-1 to
experimental (must go through NEW, etc.).

I'll upload a version of sane-backends built with resmgr support to
experimental when sane-backends 1.0.15 will be released (end of next
week, IIRC).

I plan to have SANE built with resmgr support for Etch, and I hope
other applications will support resmgr too. It can make life a lot
easier, and changes to the code are really minimal.

Comments, patches and testers welcome.

Description (from libresmgr1) :
 The resource manager library was designed to ease the use of device
 nodes in desktop setups, where users should be able to access e.g.
 scanners, CD or DVD burners, etc.
 Using a PAM module and a helper daemon, it acts as a proxy between
 the applications and the actual devices, by-passing permissions problems
 easily and elegantly.
 libresmgr can be integrated with hotplug to add and remove devices


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