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Bug#276229: RFH: ion2, ion3 -- Keyboard-friendly window manager with tiled windows

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I currently don't have the time and energy to maintain ion2 and ion3
as well as I should, so I hereby request a co-maintainer for
them. There are no big problems with the packages as they are, but
they need to be updated to the latest upstream versions.

The package description is:
 Ion, based on PWM, is an unusual window manager with no overlapping
 windows. Windows are placed in tabbed frames which may be arbitrarily
 split to create additional frames, making keyboard navigation much
 easier. Flexible configuration is possible thanks to Lua, which is
 used as the configuration language.
 There is also support for so-called "floating workspaces" where
 windows are managed the conventional way, so that you can still run
 applications which do not fit very well into Ion's window management
 approach. A pwm2 binary is included which starts Ion with floating
 workspaces as the default, thus replacing the now obsolete PWM window


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