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Re: Jörg Schilling is damage; the community should route around him

> Branden Robinson:
> It's time to fork.  Let us work with the rest of the community to
> standardize on a new set of tools based on the last free version of
> cdrtools, thank Mr. Schilling for his valuable contributions, and leave him
> be to pursue his interests in proprietary software without interference
> or argument from us.  He appears to regard placing his work under the plain
> vanilla GNU GPL that works for so many projects as an act that he cannot
> perform in good conscience.  Let us stop placing him in that uncomfortable
> position.

> Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo:
>   I agree with you. And I guess that the "good" direction would be
> pushing libburn, which seems a bit stalled right now. Also, DVD[-R[W],
> +R[W]] support should be added to it. On top of that library, it would
> be easier to build command line and GUI oriented programs, which could
> drop at that moment cdrecord.
>   But what is needed there is people with time and access to different
> drives. Perhaps people behind dvd+rw-tools could be interested, and some
> company out there could sponsor this piece of software.

In support of this statement, I'd like to add that my limited
interactions with Andy Polyakov, the author of dvd+rw-tools, have been
overwhelmingly positive.  I'd also remind people that dvd+rw-tools is
already able to write dvd-r and dvd-rw (even though its name implies
dvd+r and dvd+rw) in some modes.  I have used dvd+rw-tools for some
time as my exclusive software for DVD authoring, even on dvd-r and
dvd-rw.  Also, cdrdao has some CD writing capability (not withstanding
caveats and warnings in README.Debian) and is not, to my knowledge,
related to cdrtools.

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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