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another update on common database app infrastructure

hey all,

an update on this database common stuff:

- i've made a few alterations to the debconf templates and
  pre-configuration outline based on both on and off-list feedback

- i've made some updates to the "best practices" web page, primarily
  the "build time and run time tools" section.

- i've added a few initial scripts to the common package for using
  debconf input/settings to add users and create databases.  the
  guts currently use ola's code in wwwconfig-common.

- i've made a proof of concept "db-test-mysql" package to test the
  setup provided by the common package.  
i'd still consider both packages to be rather volatile in composition
(and also not anywhere near complete), but the current package does
prompt the user with the existing templates, create the mysql user,
and set up the initial database.  so, in addition to "proof of concept",
it's also a "work in progress".

my current TODO list is a superset of what's on the "best practices"
web page, the TODO file in the common package, and things in my head
not yet synchronized to disk.  

i'll be posting another update sometime in the next week and a half
with a more feature complete common package, stabilized api, and
a more complete example package.  after this point, i plan to start
lobbying for help from non-mysql database packagers to make sure this
whole setup would work with them, and to finalize the api.  after that,
i suppose it will be time to start looking for vict^H^H^H^Hvolunteers
to try the setup with their packages.

i'd encourage those with a vested interest in this to take another look
at the "best practices" page and the two packages.

as always, all relevant information is available at:




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