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Re: Bug#278075: ITP: libical0 -- An implementation of basic iCal protocols

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 18:02:51 +0200
Sebastian Ley <sebastian.ley@mmweg.rwth-aachen.de> wrote:

> Libical has been in Debian until some months ago, when it was removed from 
> unstable due to buggyness and unmaintaindness.

  Ok, I don't really want to introduce it again, so I've hacked plugin source
to get it compiled and statically linked against the libical, but, of course,
the libical sources are still needed in the source package.

  Just a technical detail: it's preferable the library source to appear in
the .orig.tar.gz or in the .diff.gz ? 
  I feel the right place is the .diff.gz, but I don't know if big .diff.gz
files are harmful (libical source is about 575 Kb).

  thanks again,
  Ricardo Mones Lastra - mones@aic.uniovi.es
  Centro de Inteligencia Artificial, Universidad de Oviedo en Gijon
  33271 Asturias, SPAIN. - http://www.aic.uniovi.es/mones

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