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Re: about volatile.d.o/n

Hi Martin,

On Friday, 08 Oct 2004, you wrote:
> also sprach Martin Zobel-Helas <mhelas@helas.net> [2004.10.08.2019 +0200]:
> > Is for example a package "whois" also a candidate for volatile?
> > Regestries change from time to time; i just consider .org changed
> > within the last 2,5 years...
> I would say that a new version of whois could be included in
> volatile if it becomes useless. I don't think anything should be in
> volatile from the start.
whois was just an example. i agree with you to not include all packages
from the begining in volatile. But we need to clarify under which
conditions such a package gets added.

> And I certainly don't think it should be volatile.debian.*net*.

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