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Re: Bug#278289: ITP: apt-dupdate -- diff-based update of APT's index files

On Monday 25 October 2004 23.47, Eduard Bloch wrote:

>  - in difference to apt-pupdate, I do not use chains of small diffs,
>    based on days and managed by the server. Instead, the server provides
>    the patch for a md5sum which contains the diffs between the version
>    of the client and the current one (when the server has data for the
>    old version, of course)
>  - it will be faster on low-speed links since one chunk of data
>    compresses much better than n small chunks. apt-dupdate will use
>    bzip2 instead of gzip.

How much server load do you anticipate?

Looking forward to trying this.  Is this a tool you plan to deploy on the 
official mirrors/on a public Debian machine/... or is it a tool for people 
with many machines to use on their internal Debian mirror?

-- vbi


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