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Bug#278442: RFH: athcool -- Enable powersaving mode for Athlon/Duron processors

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the athcool package.

The package description is:
 athcool is a small utility for enabling/disabling Powersaving mode
 for AMD Athlon/Duron processors.
 By enabling Powersaving mode you can lower power consumption and
 CPU temperature when the CPU is idle.
 Powersaving works only if your kernel supports ACPI (APM does not
 work), because athcool does only (un)set the "Disconnect enable when
 STPGNT detected" bits in the Chipset's Northbridge. To really save
 power, the STPGNT signal has to be sent when the CPU is idling. This
 is done by the ACPI subsystem when C2 state entered.
 Depending on your motherboard and/or hardware components, enabling
 Athlon powersaving mode sometimes causes:
  * noisy or distorted sound playback,
  * a slowdown in harddisk performance,
  * system locks or instability,
  * massive corruption of the filesystem (observed at least once).
 If you met those problems, you should not use athcool. Please use
 athcool AT YOUR OWN RISK.
 If athcool works fine for you, and you want it to run automatically
 on startup, please read the /usr/share/doc/athcool/README.Debian

Unfortunately, I only own one athlon-based system, which means I'm 
unable to test athcool on most supported systems. Hence, I'd like some 
volunteers to test athcool on as many different systems as possible, and 
to try to reproduce the bugs that are reported. If you own an 
athlon-based computer and want to help me with athcool, please send me 
an e-mail and tell me what kind of motherboard/CPU you own.

FYI, I currently need someone with a VIA KT600 or KT400 chipset to try 
to reproduce bug #276757 on both kind of systems.

Thanks in advance,

Nicolas Boullis

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