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Re: Common set of debconf templates (was: Re: RFC: best practice creating database)

On Fri, 8 Oct 2004, Christian Perrier wrote:

The only problem is that I'm damn unable to find a 25th hour in the
day for working on this.
Once I've read a childresn book where a damn bad guy had stolen the
Wednesday.  The good boy in this book reconstructed the day the following
    - the "hours" in a scool are only 45minutes so take the remaining
      15 minutes
    - take the waiting hours when the bus is late
    - take the minutes when you are in fear - these minutes are
      longer than normal ones - so make them equal to normal ones
      and you have some additional time
    --> add these times and you get an extra day. ;-)

Several other parts could also benefit from this...which would need
creating a few debconf-whatever packages...
I really like this idea.  Most Zope products are using shared debconf
questions and Custom Debian Distributions uses this trick as well.

The current way of handling common templates by the use of shared/* is
not optimal ATM, as all packages using shared/* templates must define
them. They must have the same text...but nothing enforces this...and
there is no mechanism for reusing the translations which are
replicated many times.
I doubt I understand what you mean.  At least in the packages I mentioned
above the template is not mentioned in the packages.  They just use
the variable in {post,pre}{inst,rm} scripts.

So, all this is just a matter of creating a first preliminary very
small package targeted at database stuff. Just start with one question
and, in the same time, work with a package which could make use of it.
This would be really great.

This could be used as a live demo and then be generalized among other
packages using and creating a database during their configuration.
Having a working example is the first step for a good solution.

Kind regards


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