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Re: Comparing FHS 2.3 and 2.1

On Thursday 28 October 2004 01.53, Joey Hess wrote:
> paddy wrote:

> > what about ~/Desktop and friends?
> I don't know if Desktop falls under the heading of being a configuration
> file or directorty. Not that I much like that directory, but like
> Maildir, it seems out of the scope of this FHS requirement.

Ok, this is obviously off-topic here, but I think it's well within the FHS's 
competence to get rid of these...

| Applications MUST NOT require or create any files and directories in the
| users' home directories except
|  (i) data files explicitely requested by the user
|  (ii) temporary backup and lock files which belong to a file as described
|     in (i) and are in the same directory as the data file, and start with 
|     a dot.
|  (iii) configuration files, a.k.a dotfiles.

Or something like that. I really think my $HOME is my castle, and nobody 
should mess with that. dotfiles I can accept, but ~/Mail and ~/Desktop are 
annoying (and, in the case of ~/Mail, totally useless if I use a remote 
IMAP mail server but my mailclient still insists on it :-( :-( :-(

-- vbi


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