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[lirc] FTP Masters MIA?

Dear fellow developers

We are close to the final freeze and I can't get lirc to get into
testing. The reason is #260565 and #267323:

	These bugs are now merged and both relate to the need of getting
	rid of the non-i386 packages of the lirc-svga binary package
	from testing and unstable; that package is now Arch: i386 only
	(and was previously incorrectly Arch: all).

I have a testing grave bug to fix, and improvements I want to release
with, not to speak of being able to build lirc modules with 2.6.x
kernels, or shipping with newest upstream versions.

This has been open since 21 Jul 2004. Severity is serious. I thik it
deserves to become a RC bug, as it's seriusly {obscenity} my Release of
lirc, but I just want to know if there's any chance this will be dealt
with soon.
Where is the ftp-master team? Are you guys back from holidays yet?

I expect this issue is taken care of promptly or I will revert to my
previous policy of using tons of obscenity in my changelogs :)

Friendly, but annoyed,

	Amayita la fantastica!
 .''`.     Resistance is futile.  You will be componentized
: :' :
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