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Re: Bug#275685: ITP: msmtp -- smtp client which can be used as a smtp plugin with mutt

On Saturday 09 October 2004 18:48, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Christian Surchi <csurchi@debian.org> [2004.10.09.1730 +0200]:
> > I think it's not a right comparison, nullmail is an MTA. and
> > AFAIK, msmtp is not an MTA:
> it transports mail to the next relay, right?
> nullmailer is a "simple relay-only mail transport agent."
> what's the difference?

the diff is that with msmtp you wont have a mta, but a mua.

> oh well, msmtp has TLS and SASL and IPv6, so I guess it is more
> featureful than nullmailer...

and much more ... also has msmtpqueue which is a pair of very simple shell 
scripts that allows you to "queue" mails and send them all at a later time 
(useful for dialup connections: write your mails offline and send them when 
you are online).

> > I think that msmtp simply will take the place of sendmail binary
> > called by mutt.
> oh, and calling it a plugin make is sounds so much better. are these
> guys marketing specialists or software hackers?

they just quoted it .... "SMTP plugin" , but I guess 'a mua backend' will be 
more correct in that case.

> did you know about lpr? it's the mutt print plugin which may also
> work with other programmes.

having msmtp officially packaged is a good thing imho.

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