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Common set of debconf templates (was: Re: RFC: best practice creating database)

> if you think that it would be too complicated/flaky, i'd add a debconf
> note (of _low_ priority!) and put something in README.Debian.

While we are at it :

Could *please* maintainers of packages interacting with RDBMS
establish a set of *common* debconf templates for prompting users ?

While translating the debconf templates for packages, we have found
dozens of similar questions such as:

-Database host (wrong English....this should probably be "Database
*server*" or something similar)

-Database user
-Password for this user
-Database administrator username
-Database administrator password
-Database name
-Should the database be purge on package purge?
and so on....

Depending on the maintainer's English skills, these templates are more
or less well written....or often not clear about involved concepts
(the "database user" is often the database *owner*).

All such templates should probably go into a common set of debconf
templates, provided by a very small package, which all these packages
should depend upon, instead of constantly reinvent the wheel....and
make up, translators, do damn boring work.

Such "common debcon templates set in a separate package" could be an
interesting thing to work on for the next release of Debian.

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