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Re: Jörg Schilling is damage; the community should route around him

El sáb, 09-10-2004 a las 00:04 -0500, Branden Robinson escribió:


> It's time to fork.  Let us work with the rest of the community to
> standardize on a new set of tools based on the last free version of
> cdrtools, thank Mr. Schilling for his valuable contributions, and leave him
> be to pursue his interests in proprietary software without interference
> or argument from us.  He appears to regard placing his work under the plain
> vanilla GNU GPL that works for so many projects as an act that he cannot
> perform in good conscience.  Let us stop placing him in that uncomfortable
> position.

  I agree with you. And I guess that the "good" direction would be
pushing libburn, which seems a bit stalled right now. Also, DVD[-R[W],
+R[W]] support should be added to it. On top of that library, it would
be easier to build command line and GUI oriented programs, which could
drop at that moment cdrecord.

  But what is needed there is people with time and access to different
drives. Perhaps people behind dvd+rw-tools could be interested, and some
company out there could sponsor this piece of software.

  The problem with cdrecord is that it works, and though there are some
glitches that people would like to see fixed, writing another different
tool is only that: rewriting. And using the same language, i.e. there is
no perl vs. python, perl vs. php, ...


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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