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Apt-Torrent project


I love the Debian project, and I have worked on a new development for it: Apt-Torrent :)

Apt-Torrent is an apt proxy to the Bittorrent network. For security, the package listing, and the .torrent files are downloaded from a regular http server, as usual for a package, but then the whole package is fetched via bittorrent protocol and forwarded to apt :)

At the moment there is two packages, apt-torrent itself, and apt-torrent-server which is an helper package to build a Bittorrent repository.

I'm running a very little repository with only official frozen-bubble sid's package in order to test apt-torrent :) (might be very slow since it's on my own home ADSL connection)

Here is the homepage of the project, where I've written a little documentation too:

I would like to know what do you think of it :)


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