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[no subject] 2.2.20-2000-11-27 boot-floppies to test for upcoming 2.2r2 release accessing consoles Ais may port Xess to sparc linux apt-get upgrade / esound problem (bug?) Re: apt slink->potato using cds apt slink->potato using cds (long post) Re: apt slink->potato using cds (more info) Re: Bug#76720: task-gnome-desktop unmet dependencies Can't mount nfsroot Re: sunlance.c - network driver for sun4m compiling kernel ... Re: compiling kernel ... and the trashing system compiling kernel for Sun4c on a Sun4m ?? cross-compiler mini-HOWTO 0.0.1 cross-compiler semi-success cross-compiler update Date and time DBRI audio on SPARCstation LX... DEBIAN POTATO via NFS on a SPARCstation SLC 4/20 - 16 Mb RAM Debian-Sparc-CDROM ȳϼ dependency problem downloading Debian 2.2 easy question (I believe) error in installer false cable fault message. Full duplex setting on Ultra 2 Getting AIS to port Xess to ultralinux getting compose key to work on sparc/X GNOME panel and help browser gnome testers wanted? gtk/glib on sparc is broken Hangs after remapping kernel Hardware question (urgent) Help installing on and old SPARC 5 Help Starting on a SPARCstation2 Re: installation difficulties Is 'i' or 'I' a bug on cdrom's? kde on sparc?? latest update from woody mouse/keyboard configuration for XFree 4? mp3's on SPARC LX - Debian 2.2... mpg123 for Debian 2.2 SPARC - .deb available? Nebie -SS2 and mouse newbie configuration problem under X11 newbie image headaches Newbie-SS2 keyboard/mouse questions newbie X configuration nfs mount problem Re: nightmare: apt slink->potato using cds Re: none no security fix for openssh for sparc Package pools, testing, 2.2r2 Potato revision 2 Probelms Installing on SS10 problems with ip commands Problems with kerberos... Problems with X on an Ultra5 problem with X Processes 1-6 Respawning Too Fast Question about a Sony MFD-17W-P1 floppy disk drive. RedHat vs. Debian on SS10 Silo RE: Sparc 20 Quad 100 with 24Bit Sparc cross-compiler update Re: sparc smail issues sparcstation 10 w/ X SS1 with dead NVRAM Re: SS5/170 Re: subnetting network Summary - Sparc mail issues Sun-4 ?? sunlance.c - network driver for sun4m SunOS libraries for emulation the system is getting slow .... tftpboot problem Virtual Console - font size problem VNC on SPARC? :) (was Re: problem with X) Where can I find a 2.2 ROM for a SS20? X! X 4.0.1 XF86_3DLabs and/or XF86_FBDev (3.3.6) on AXi w/PGX32 x font server (xfs-xtt) XFree86 4.0.1 Xfree86 4.0.1-2 built and uploaded for woody XFree86 4.0.1 architecture status Re: X rebuilds Re: your mail The last update was on 20:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 258 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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