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Re: your mail

* Matt Rose <mattrose@folkwolf.net> [001103 09:14]:
> 	A Sparc5 170 works really well with debian.  I've heard
> <completely unsubstantiated> rumors that the linux kernel doesn't work
> well with the sun4c platform, but that's about it.  the SS5 that I have is
> sun4m.  All in all, IMHO Linux on sparc is better than linux on the x86,
> or solaris on sparc, for that matter.

Debian on my SS5/170 would lock up for no known reason after about 2
days if I left it idle... no messages, no nothing.  This was with
potato, a little before its release.  Meanwhile, my SS5/70 and SS5/110
are rock solid for me...

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