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Getting AIS to port Xess to ultralinux


It appears AIS is prepared to port Xess (the enterprise spreadsheet) to our
beloved ultralinux. The cost for a license is around $60 us per license.
I can stretch to two.

Any way I'm trying to drum up some interest so they'll port it.

Anyone interested?

They want to compile it on RedHat anyone know of any issues? Maybe if there's
enough interest we could get them to do it on Debian he he!

N.B. I recently encouraged the xforms library mob to compile a new version of
their library for debian-sparc and now Lyx will compile and is very stable.
It should be available soon when the lyx package maintainer gets onto it. Lyx
is open source and is a graphical front end to latex, it is much more user
friendly than M$ word, I've even converted windows users.

Best Regards,

Peter Firmstone.

info@ais.com wrote:

> Dear Mr. Firmstone,
> Thank you for contacting us.
> We cannot justify doing this for a single license...but if are willing to
> do it if it is part of a several license purchase.
> To do this we would need to add a disk to a SPARC here, install Linux,
> build, and test.  We generally build on RedHat Linux.  Do you know of any
> compatibility issues between RedHat and Debian on SPARC?
> Thank you for your interest in XESS.  We look forward to working with you.
> Sincerely,
> Shannon Tostanoski
> AIS Sales Admin
> shannon@ais.com
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>                         website:  http://www.ais.com
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> From:   UUCP%"q8902929@topaz.cqu.edu.au"  7-NOV-2000 16:40:19.37
> To:     info@ais.com
> CC:
> Subj:   Xess portability across linux platforms
> HI,
> I've just started work as a condition monitoring engineer for CW Pope in
> Queensland Australia. Company policy is to currently use MS Office 2000,
> but after informing my employer of some of the features of Xess he was
> very interested.
> I have downloaded the demo version for x86 linux and found it delivered
> what it promised. However I use a Sun Sparc Classic with debian linux
> installed at home and wish to purchase a copy for it as well. I note you
> don't have any binaries available, would you consider compiling one for
> me from the x86 source code?
> If your code is portable across many unix platforms already, I doubt
> that any code is processor dependant, could you ask one of your
> programmers if this is the case, as this will determine whether it will
> compile across all linux platforms.
> I would be happy with just a binary and license downloaded or emailed
> and would prefer to pay by direct bank deposit.
> I currently hesitate to install anything on the x86 box which isn't
> available for the sparc for compatibility reasons as I need to read the
> files at home on occasions.
> Best Regards,
> Peter Firmstone.

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