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Ais may port Xess to sparc linux


I recently emailed Ais regarding their spreadsheet Xess and whether they
would consider porting it to sparc linux.

This is what they said:

info@ais.com wrote:

> Dear Mr. Firmstone,
> Thank you for contacting us.
> We cannot justify doing this for a single license...but if are willing
> do it if it is part of a several license purchase.
> To do this we would need to add a disk to a SPARC here, install Linux,

> build, and test.  We generally build on RedHat Linux.  Do you know of
> compatibility issues between RedHat and Debian on SPARC?
> Thank you for your interest in XESS.  We look forward to working with
> Sincerely,
> Shannon Tostanoski
> AIS Sales Admin
> shannon@ais.com

> Applied Information Systems, Inc.           toll free:  800-334-5510
> 121 South Estes Drive Suite 205                 phone:  919-942-7801
> Chapel Hill NC 27514 USA                          fax:  919-942-0793
>                         website:  http://www.ais.com


Now I know most people prefer open-source software and this is not
open-source, however it is the best spreadsheet available with more
features than any other program, it's bloat free too. It's also
compatible with excell and lotus.

Anyone interested in helping me to get this ported to sparc linux by
purchasing a license please contact me at q8902929@topaz.cqu.edu.cqu or
contact Shannon at shannon@ais.com

If you have an intel box you can try the demo version available at their
web site.

Best Regards,

Peter Firmstone.

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