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Re: compiling kernel for Sun4c on a Sun4m ??

* Taco IJsselmuiden <taco@wep.tudelft.nl> [001129 13:55]:
> I'm wondering if it's possible (and hopefully not too hard ;) ) to
> compile a kernel for my Sun4c IPX box on a Sun4m SparcSystem ?  I
> tried just now using 2.4.0-test11, but it won't boot ;(
> I'm wondering if it's something i'm doing wrong, or that it's just not
> really that simple ;)

It should be that simple... they use the same compiler and everything.
Be sure, first off, that you're using the latest kernel from
vger.samba.org ... sun4c booting was fixed around version
2.4.0-test11-pre1 (in CVS, but I don't know about the mainline).  Also,
a lot of blind changes occured for sun4c-specific stuff in the meantime,
so there is probably a lot of brokenness anyways.

Also, "it won't boot" isn't descriptive enough... I intend on playing
with my SS2 soon, so I'll be seeing for myself...

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