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Hardware question (urgent)


I'm new on Debian Sparc and have a question about hardware we have to
decide for in a limited time frame (sorry for the urgent tag).

We have got a certain promotion offer which includes:

  2 x 400MHz UltraSPARC-II CPUs, 2MB E-cache
  2048MB memory
  4 x 36GB 10000RPM UltraSCSI disk drive (hotswap)
  Sun StorEdge DVD-ROM 10 drive
  2 x 360 Watt Power supplies

We want to use this as server for dynamic web content using Zope
and PostgreSQL as well as ftp server.  The question is:  Does Debian
GNU/Linux support RAID features on this system.  The salesman claims
to be responsible only for Solaris and I'm on my own with Linux.

Anybody has a similar system running or has experiences with RAID.
I was assured that dualprocessor Suns run best under Linux before.

What about system features described on the web site as:
     * Automatic System Recovery detects failed hardware components--and
       boots around them.
     * Built-in RSC notifies you of problems via the Net or modem, and
       enables remote rebooting and viewing of past events.

I would really like to install Debian on this box because I know it
very well.  Is there anything I should aware of if I have a pure i386

Thanks for any hint


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