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Re: the system is getting slow ....

Your out of memory,

Create an image with dd (try making it at least 64M if you've got the
room) from /dev/null and use mkswap on it, this creates a swap file.

 Then add a bash script file in the directory
rc.boot to activate it with the command swapon.

N.B. Place the swap file where you can spare the room.

Good Luck,

Peter Firmstone.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, Esteban Osses A.  Mag. 2000 wrote:

> hi ...
> i'm using potato on a ultra5 ...
> some times, under aparently high load conditions ---for example, using X,
> windowmaker and some docks, xmms, a few Eterm's, Netscape and dselect---
> the system falls on a deep meditation and it starts to write somethings to 
> the hard disk (a lot of things, by the way it sounds =)
> then the system is absolutely unusable for a while, from a few minutes (if 
> i'm lucky) to more than one hour ...
> when it goes on its meditation for a long time, it leaves the disk quiet
> (at least there is nothing to hear), and i assume the machine is gone =)
> if i'm on the console when it starts its meditation it writes a lot of
> times:
> VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for <some_app>...
> some_app = {xmms, gpm, xscreensaver, ssh-agent, XF86_Mach64, 
> communicator-sm, klogd, kswapd, etc ... }
> so, my questions are ...
> why does it happen ???
> what can i do to solve this situation ???
> thanks,
> esteban
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