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Re: DEBIAN POTATO via NFS on a SPARCstation SLC 4/20 - 16 Mb RAM

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000 asbesto@mail.ru wrote:

> well,
> finally after days & days spent over the fucking debian (what a terrible
> installation ! slackware rulez ;) i installed MANUALLY a Debian Potato
> on this SPARC Box :)

In future try just installing the base packages (eg base floppy's) then
use apt-get to install exactly what you need, use apt-cdrom or pppconfig
depending on how you want to install.

It may not be the most straight forward install but you need only do it
once and it is the most flexible system available. 

Works every time for me.

> it was really a MESS. i'm writing a sort of HOWTO about this, explaining
> how i solved some weird problem (segmentation fault in dselect, 
> can't malloc in dpkg and some other things)
> but now we have a working system, with X-Windows running as server using
> our network server as a client for the applications. :)
> any hint about using GCC on a SPARC with only 16 megs ? i think memory
> is too low for this ... (and i'm thinking about installing a cross-compiler
> on the network server :)

Yeah If your going to use X do it with a small window manager try IceWM,
flwm, fvwm, olvwm. icewm uses 1732K on my system, flwm uses 2056K, Xsun
uses 6052K. Use Bash 916K not Xterm 2148K and roll your own kernel.

 Don't run anything else while you compile and don't do it from inside
emacs, allocate plenty of swap and be patient.

Of course it would be better without X.


Peter Firmstone.
N.B. Debian Rules!

> p.s. i only have, for now, an italian version of the doc. i'm working
> on the english translation :)
> Asbesto from FreakNet MediaLab
> www.kyuzz.org/freaknet
> -- 
> Asbesto from gemini.freaknet.org mobile linux box ;)
> --  
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