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Re: Hardware question (urgent)

To your question there are two answers.

  One answer:
Buy from someone who supports Linux/Debian on Sun/Sparc.
BTW, using a limited time frame is an usual trick to stress the
customer into a buy. I use it too, ofcause. But you should know that
you could also buy a system with minimal memory and disk, add third
party memory modules, ordinary 36GB SCA disks and third party mounting
frames for those, and still save a lot of money.
The point is: if that salesman don't support linux, you are not helped
by the sun label on all your stuff, since if it don't work, you have
to show that it won't work under solaris, which puts you into the not
desirable situation of supporting both os'es on that box.

  A technical answer:
You didn't say what system you was offered, only whats inside.
I guess the system is an E250.

The E250 don't have raid functionality, though you can get software
raid with solaris. But that you can get with linux also.
BTW. the scsi controller is a plain 53c860 if I remember right.
I have not tested the ASR nor the RSC.

  A third answer:
Why not run solaris. Yes it is a mess compiling/installing/upgradeing
the said software (and installing all gnu software you got used to).
But if you want to be on the bleeding edge you have to do that anyhow,
and web world is kindof bleeding edge. And there are lots of unclean
solutions (what the heck, as long as it deliver in time).
The plus is that you'll get support from your salesman.
The down side is that solaris installs lots of things you possible
don't want to have on a public server.


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From: Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de>
Subject: Hardware question (urgent)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 14:52:34 +0100 (CET)

> Hello,
> I'm new on Debian Sparc and have a question about hardware we have to
> decide for in a limited time frame (sorry for the urgent tag).
> We have got a certain promotion offer which includes:
>   2 x 400MHz UltraSPARC-II CPUs, 2MB E-cache
>   2048MB memory
>   4 x 36GB 10000RPM UltraSCSI disk drive (hotswap)
>   Sun StorEdge DVD-ROM 10 drive
>   2 x 360 Watt Power supplies
> We want to use this as server for dynamic web content using Zope
> and PostgreSQL as well as ftp server.  The question is:  Does Debian
> GNU/Linux support RAID features on this system.  The salesman claims
> to be responsible only for Solaris and I'm on my own with Linux.
> Anybody has a similar system running or has experiences with RAID.
> I was assured that dualprocessor Suns run best under Linux before.
> What about system features described on the web site as:
>      * Automatic System Recovery detects failed hardware components--and
>        boots around them.
>      * Built-in RSC notifies you of problems via the Net or modem, and
>        enables remote rebooting and viewing of past events.
> I would really like to install Debian on this box because I know it
> very well.  Is there anything I should aware of if I have a pure i386
> background.
> Thanks for any hint
>          Andreas.
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